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Automotive - Maintenance

We are fanatics about preventive maintenance. You might think that an auto repair shop would rather have those big ticket repairs rather than much smaller maintenance orders. Many shops do prefer repairs over maintenance - Autoking Automotive doesn’t.

Recommended Maintenance

Regular maintenance is a vital part of keeping your car running at its best and avoiding costly repairs.

Doing regular maintenance such as oil changes, air filter, hose and brake inspections can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Our technicians are trained to catch problems before they start! A simple inspection each time you bring your car in for a scheduled oil change in most cases is all that is needed to keep your car running and avoiding costly repairs.

Maintenance List

You may not realize it, but your car is full of items that should be regularly checked and maintained.

Items such as timing belts, fan belts, hoses, electronics, tires, automatic suspensions, shocks, and more are items recommended by your cars manufacturer for maintenance and/or replacement at a specific mileage and can usually be found in your owners manual. If you don't have an owners manual, Autoking will gladly assist you in scheduling these recommended repairs and/or maintenance.

Proper maintenance saves you money. Preventive maintenance also can be scheduled, and that’s good for you and our shop. Other benefits derived from regular preventive maintenance include:

  • Increased Resale Value of Your Car - A properly maintained car brings a higher value when selling or trading-in
  • Improved Chance of Selling Your Car Later - Buyers love cars that have been keep well maintained - Autoking will even provide you with all your repair/maintenance receipts for the sale
  • Extended Life of Your Car - Allowing you the ability to purchase a new car when you are ready - rather than a purchase being forced upon you due to an expensive repair
  • A Safer Car - Keeping your car well maintained at regular intervals helps to keep you from being stranded on the roadside - Brakes, steering, axles, alignments and much more go a long way towards a safer car.
  • Driveability - Regular maintenance keeps your car running smoother and like new. A properly maintained car feels better.
  • Peace of Mind - The most valuable benefit of all - You don’t have to think twice commuting to work, or taking a long trip, or a spontaneous, long Sunday drive - You feel confident in knowing your car is properly maintained and that gives you peace of mind.

If you have any questions or comments please email us at autocare@autokingautomotive.com

Warranty Parts and Labor

Autoking Automotive, Inc. provides a 12 month/12,000 mile warranty* on all service and repairs completed and parts** installed by our technicians.

New and re-manufactured parts supplied by Autoking Automotive, Inc. are covered under the manufacturers' original warranty guidelines.

Customer supplied parts are not covered under any warranty through Autoking Automotive, Inc.

*whichever comes first
**parts not purchased new, remanufactured or supplied by customer

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